Mandla Mavengere

Mandla Mavengere


My artworks bring into conversation and discussion, the issues of migration and labour relations in our contemporary society. I migrated from Zimbabwe to South Africa crossing borders, had my identity checked at immigrations, and I arrived to fit-in, in a multi-racial country. My banknote artworks (significantly etchings and linocuts) are a framework within which one can observe the issues of migration with relevance to socio-economic divergence and convergence. The directional lines in the banknotes depict the scatterings people and population displacement; the repetition of patterns symbolize the circumstantial economic system embedded to the stereotyped migrants. The linocut banknotes printed onto fabric (canvas) emphasize the constructed perambulation of the population in search for income and better life.  The figures and portraits (with head gear) painted on money are economically fabricated identities who are fitting into new homeland of occupation versus the home of origin.

Mandlenkosi Mavengere b. (1992) in Zimbabwe in Bulawayo (known as city of kings). Mavengere works predominantly in printing and painting. He moved to South Africa after completing his O’level (matric) in Zimbabwe.

Thereafter it was in South Africa where he took up art as a career and got enrolled at Artist Proof Studio printmaking course where he completed his 3rd year. Along the printmaking course, his paintings began to be evident as he participated in many shows. Between 2013 & 2015 his work has been exhibited at Black Like Us Exhibition (Parkhurst) and Art Investment in Parkhurst. Mavengere exhibited at the Love-world Festival of Music and Arts held at the Nasrec Arena. His work also features in the 2015 IT-Web Calendar Brainstorm representing IBM. He has been in group exhibitions like Julie Miller Art Investments, Henry George Gallery, Turbine Art Fair, Absa Gallery, and Artist Proof Studio where he had his internship at the gallery.

As an intern at Artist Proof Studio He curated an exhibition hosted by Strauss and Co. He was, thereafter recommended for a one-year internship at William Kentridge Studio for the year 2017. The mentorship by William Kentridge significantly developed his creativity skills from etchings, into sculpturing and prominent linocut banknotes exploring themes consistent with his Migration Concept. In the year 2018 his work has been exhibited by MM-Art-house, The Melrose Gallery, Cherie De Villiers Gallery, auctioned at Strauss & Co and his work was exhibited at the 2018 AKAA Art Fair in Paris with Absolut Art Gallery.

In 2019 Mavengere’s work was exhibited at the Belgium Art Fair. His work is featured with Cherie De Villiers Gallery and The Melrose Gallery. He has been in Art & Film exhibition collaboration with Film & Vinyl Club. His Painting On Money artworks feature in November 2019 Paris Art Fair. Mavengere’s work is now in significant collections such as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Minerals Council South Africa. His studio continues to runs his own studio as a production and collaborative space based at the Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa.