Chiderah Bosah

Chiderah Bosah

Discover the latest available collection in the latest exhibition, Emergence. Open from 26 May – 18 June 2021.

A true millennial born in Nigeria in the year 2000, Chiderah Bosah’s art investigates internal dialogues with the inner self through contemporary portraits that examine the human spirit. His art takes a deep dive into how humanity is revealed externally through powerful and captivating expressions. With a sophisticated palette that shines through all his exhibitions, from The Arthouse Contemporary (2020) in Nigeria to Collective Reflections (2020) in Ghana, Bosah has created quotidian images of people he sees daily in colourful, void-like backgrounds.

There is a palpable softness and nuance that appears in every portrait. With every piece, Bosah highlights key elements of composition in rich colour while maintaining his unique brush stroke that promotes a sumptuous softness. He also continues the repeated motif of broad lines that accentuate the body and frames the vulnerable and transparent nature of his visual language that appears strongly in the subject’s face.



STOP, LISTEN!, CFHill, Stockholm, Sweden.

COLLECTIVE REFLECTIONS, Gallery 1957, Accra, Ghana.
LIMINALITY IN AN INFINATE SPACE, African Artists foundation, Lagos, Nigeria.
LOCALITY AND THE STATUS QUO, Pacers Art Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria.
THE ARTHOUSE CONTEMPORARY, Art House Contemporary Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria.