Barry Jackson – The Struggle Series

Barry Jackson – The Struggle Series


Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Desmond Tutu was the Archbishop of Cape Town in 1994 when South Africa won the first democratic election and apartheid ended. He was one of the most prominent figures who fought tirelessly as an activist against racial segregation. However, he was also a joyful man and he popularised the phrase “The Rainbow Nation”. When Nelson Mandela became president he appointed Desmond Tutu to chair the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


The Dalai Lama


The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism. He has spent his life committed the struggle for human rights. In 1989, the Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent efforts for the liberation of Tibet and his concern for global environmental problems.

Although a Buddhist and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu a Christian, the two men have become close friends.


Nelson Mandela


The first black president of democratic South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize Winner. This sculpture depicts a young Mandela as a political prisoner on Robin Island looking over to Table Mountain, contemplating the future.

As an anti-apartheid activist he was arrested in 1962 and given a life sentence for trying to overthrow the government. He spent 27 years in prison and became the worlds most famous political prisoner.  The quarry in which he broke rocks remains on Robin Island, which is now a museum.


Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi was an attorney who came to South Africa as a young man. He became the leader of the South African Indian community and rose to prominence as a human rights activist. He said that he was born in India but was made in South Africa.

In South Africa he developed the philosophy of Satyagraha which is a form of peaceful resistance to political injustices. When he returned to India, he played a leading role in India’s struggle for independence from Great Britain. He was assassinated in New Deli in 1948.



Barry Jackson is a second generation South African, born of Scottish and Afrikaner descent.  He was raised and educated in Zambia in Central Africa, but now lives in Cape Town, near to the slopes of Table Mountain.

His artistic education was at the East London and Johannesburg Art Schools. His medium is bronze sculpture, his style is best described as representational.

He has the professional support of some of the best art foundries in South Africa. He started out his career as an advertising illustrator and philatelic designer but then later pursued his first passion, to sculpt.

Jackson works in limited editions, sought by collectors and art lovers worldwide who identify with conservation, wildlife, African ethnic themes and the vanishing cultures of Southern Africa.

He also enjoys figurative sculpture and was commissioned to do the bust of Nelson Mandela, which stands in front of the South African Parliament Building.

Jackson is regularly commissioned by the South African National Heritage Project to do life-size full figure portrait statues of historical figures. Among these are  OR Tambo, Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Van Mauritius, Johannes Van der Kemp and Ahmed Kathrada.

He was recently commissioned to do the life-size figure of  Nelson Mandela  which will be the lead figure in the Long Walk to Freedom at Heritage Park. This will be a procession of 400 to 500 bronze heritage figures commissioned to artists from all over South Africa.

Jackson’s work is renowned internationally and can be seen in corporate and private collections throughout the world.