Kofi Gamamiworsror Agorsor

Kofi Gamamiworsror Agorsor


Kofi Agorsor was born on 18 September 1970 in Accra, Ghana. He practically trained as an architect for two years before switching to design. This training is incorporated in his approach to structural analysis in his artistic visual representation. He successfully completed art courses at the Ankle College of Art in Accra, where he received a diploma in 1993. He has participated in collective exhibitions in Ghana and abroad (Togo, Ivory Coast, Italy, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe).

Agorsor uses bold vibrant colors to reveal the daily lives of people in a modernizing Ghana, often in an upbeat and humorous way. Agorsor describes his works as depicting simple everyday situations such as music, religion, relationships and being at peace with one’s self and the world at large. It is love and affection, traits that allow his art to be universal in theme and subject matter. Agorsor explains how “art is a constant battle between the material and the spiritual. To be an artist doesn’t just mean painting, playing music, sculpting or acting but rather preserving and developing one’s spiritual cultural heritage”. His purpose of art is about brightening the corner where you are. The purpose of art is to be sound in mind, body and soul. It is not about what others are doing or what someone decided. For Agorsor, art is freedom. Kofi Agorsor is a constantly nuanced being and so is his work. There always seems to be some sort of quest; an ever re-occurring navigation across the borders between the temporal and the spiritual. The play between temporal and permanence is seen dialectical space of lightness and darkness, of weakness and strength, of forgetting and remembering. Agorsor’s works cast light on the indeterminate slippages and unintentional blurts that arise from the pits of the unconscious. Kofi Agorsor is essentially a seeker of the depths.

Though much of his work maintains a remarkable pristine flatness, breaking conventional perspective and formal elements, there is always much more than meets the eye. Agorsor does not like to explain his works, but rather enjoys the discussions and debates that can be generated around the work. His works are generally characterised by the dexterity of skilful graphic squiggling, a mastery of linear definition and an appeal to the pristine on the one hand and on the other, a yearning towards bursting out of the pristine mould. His works almost have an obsessive pre-occupation with repetition, made evident by his appropriation of the grid in various works. The Prevalence of the colour red is evident is a variety of his artworks, as well as the juxtaposition of the other two primary colours. New Signature in July: Ghanaian artist Kofi Agorsor.

Kofi Agorsor: works of an African artist interpreting contemporary concerns.